2016 Pennsylvania Straw Poll Results

During the 2016 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, 382 attendees participated in the 2016 Pennsylvania Straw Poll.  The straw poll was broken out in 3 categories including demographics of voters, statewide issues and federal issues including the Presidential Preference Poll.
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won 64.6% of the vote for President at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, whereas Donald Trump came with 13.6% and John Kasich finished third with 13.3%.  The audience was also polled on if Trump is the GOP candidate this November, would you vote for Trump, the Democrat Nominee or not voting.  Despite his second place finish, 68% of attendees would vote for Trump over the Democrat candidate.
On the statewide issues, 25% of attendees believe the 2016-2017 budget will be completed within 4-6 Months while 23% don’t think one will be completed at all.
Please find the full 2016 Pennsylvania Straw Poll Results presentation below as well as on including previous year results.

2016 Pennsylvania Straw Poll Results

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